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Our Preschool Philosophy

Leesburg Presbyterian Church Preschool is a ministry of Leesburg Presbyterian Church. The

philosophy of the Christian school supports and enables two, three, four, and five-year-old children

to have quality educational and social experiences. Children will learn to work and participate as

members of a group while focusing on being kind and considerate to one another. The children will

be encouraged to explore their expanding worlds at their own levels and at their own rates. The

preschool program is child-centered, individualized and designed to provide for the social, emotional

and physical development of each child while preparing them for kindergarten.


Our Mission Statement


Leesburg Presbyterian Church Preschool (LPCP) seeks to answer and serve the children and families of both Leesburg Presbyterian Church (LPC) and the greater Leesburg community by providing a safe and loving first learning experience. In addition, LPCP will endeavor to share our faith with the community through our outreach to and care for young families.

Leesburg Presbyterian Church Preschool is an unincorporated association of Leesburg Presbyterian Church and meets the requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Social Services as a religiously exempt child day center. It is a non-profit preschool for two to six year olds. LPCP is operated as a service to members and friends of LPC, as well as residents of the community. The school is open to children of all faiths.

Holly Rhodes

Board Chairperson


Wynne Rodgers

Session Board Member




Juli Barnes

Board Member

Whitney Riordan

Parent Board Member

Mandy Kopp

Board Member


Connie Niccolls

Board Member

Lynn Colavita

Board Member

Preschool Bookkeeper

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