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Enrichment Classes at LPCP

Friday STEAM Class 

Students in our 3 and 4 year old classes can add Friday to their week for an additional day to the preschool year. 

  • If space allows, members of the community can choose to join our preschool just for STEAM Fridays. 

  • In this enrichment class the main focus will be learning through science and experiments while engaging their problem solving skills.

  • The children will do this by participating in individual, small group and large group activities.


LPCP Members ($80 a month)
Non-LPC-Preschool Students ($100 a month)
Meets on Fridays for children ages 3-5

  • must be 3 by September 30th


Our Sea Stars and Penguins can join us weekly for social time with friends while they eat their lunch brought from home, have extra playground time and enjoy additional activities after their regular class day is over. 


You can sign up for the whole 2024/2025 year for the discounted rate of:

1 day ($40 a month)   2 days ($75 a month)

Or sign up for a drop-in day when available for

$15 a day.

  • LB is offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 

      from 12:00-1:30

  • Only offered to our 3's and Pre-K students

Lunch Bunch
Music Class



Students in all of our classes will attend music class weekly. The children will sing for a Christmas event in December and a Spring event in March.

Studies have shown that music, singing, and adding rhythmic movement to activities encourages the brain to create a strong bond between the right (creative and expansive) and left (cognitive and analytical) sides of the brain.

Plus it's a whole lot of fun! 


Students in our 3s and Pre-K classes attend chapel weekly for 15-20 minutes in the sanctuary. Our pastor leads them in an uplifting child-focused experience with blessings, teachings, songs, activities and prayers that encourage

spiritual and character development.

The 2s classes may join this activity towards the latter part of the year.

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