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This section includes the forms and documents you might need in order to apply to our Preschool. Please download the files below and if you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Angela Helge at


Looking to join our preschool...the application is the first step.  

Medication Consent 

If you have a child with a diagnosed allergy you and your doctor need to fill out this form. 

Allergy Action Plan

For children with an allergy this is the form the doctor needs to fill out.  

School Calendar

While our calendar is subject to change, we offer this yearly plan.  

Parent Handbook

Everything you need to know about the policies and procedures of our school. 

Allergy Agreement 

Once the doctor forms are in you will need to fill this out with the director.  

Emergency Contact

This form tells us who can and can not pick up your child as well as who to call in an emergency. 

Snack List

Allergy snack list.

School Wish List 

We are constantly trying to update our classrooms and occasionally put items we would like on our Amazon wish list.  

VA State Health Form

Every child needs to have this form filled out from their doctor in order to start preschool. 

School Supply List 

Help us keep our tuition costs done by buying the supplies listed here. 

Teachers Favorite Things 

Looking to give your classroom teacher something special, here is a list to help. 

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